5 Natural Ways of Effective Troubleshooting Black Lips

Red lip breaks forth into a natural craving for anyone, especially for woman. Indeed, we often complained about the presence of our lip color black.

In fact, many women are also experiencing problems blackened lips and are also experiencing problems blackened lips and trying everything to resolve it.

Actually the black lips can be influenced by many things, for example, because with ability of smoking, excess caffeine consumptive improper use of lipstick and much more.

Then what about ways to address the problem of blackened lips?

Refer to the information below.

1. Use olive oil

The nutrients contained in olive oil are capable of maintaining healthy lips. To help address the problem of black lips how by applying olive oil directly on the lips evenly getting a massage. Do routinely day before bed for maximum results.

2. Wear the Aloe Vera

Way proper the meat or parts Aloe Vera Gel and then apply it on the lips that have previously been cleaned with warm water. Apply with a flat and doing massage gently on the lips after that rinse with cold water.

3. Use the strawberries

We can also take advantage of beautiful fruit, strawberries to help resolve the problem of the black lips naturally. Do I provide 5 strawberry fruit, pure until soft, then after that mix with two teaspoons of baking soda and mix until shaped pasta.

Next, apply on the lips evenly at night before going to bed. Leave overnight and wash off at the morning.

4. Use Honey

To solve the problem of black lips with honey, how is very easy with applying honey on the lips directly thinly and evenly. Do twice daily in the morning before bathing day and night when going to sleep.

5. Almond oil

How can directly apply evenly this almond oil on lips regurally every day.

So there are five the ways to address the problem of black lips with natural ingredients, i hope you will get the best information for beauty.

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