How to effectively cope with the dark and Scaly Elbows Naturally

How to effectively cope with the dark and Scaly Elbows Naturally I usually are often the cause of the skin of the elbow becomes dark and scaly is due to the influence ofthe hot weather. Certainly such a condition will certainly make appearances becameless attractive.

Especially for us women who often use dress without sleeves. But actually to resolve the problem of dark skin elbows and scaly, you can also make use of some natural ingredients has been proven effective. Well, to know the natural ingredients that can be used to lighten the skin of the elbows, you just check out his review here.

Natural ingredients to overcome Elbow Skin dark and Scaly.

1. Aloe Vera.

To brighten at once smooth skin black and scaly elbows, no matter you use naturalAloe Vera. How is very easy, you only need to apply Aloe gel in the elbow area of blackened and scaly. You also add the olive oil and the turmeric powder on the aloe vera gel. After that, apply the gel at the elbow with a circular motion, then let stand until gel last is completely dry. After that, you can massage the part of the elbow slowly. And when you're finished, rinse using warm water.

2. Coconut oil.

One of the natural ingredients that are believed to be effective enough to lighten black skin on the elbow area, i.e. the coconut oil. That's because the content of antioxidants contained in coconut oil serves to lift the dead skin cells and accelerate skin regeneration. How to use it, you can put a few drops of coconut oil, then do a soft massage on the area of the elbow. You can do this way at night before going to bed, and let sit until morning.

3. Potatoes.

It turns out that the potato is also one of the natural ingredients proven effective enough to overcome the elbow skin blackened and scaly. How to use it quite easily, that is with the blender half fruit potatoes, then brush the elbow black and scaly. You can do a massage for about 15 minutes gently. When you are finished, wipe it awayusing warm water. If you elbow skin feels dry, try to mix the honey on the potato grater. Let stand until megering, then wipe using clean water.

That's the last few natural ingredients that you can take advantage of to help brighten the skin of the elbow and elbow skin scaly. To obtain maximum results, do it this way on a regulary.

I hope this tips useful for you, thanks.

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