5 Benefits Of Coconuts For Treatments Beauty

Around beauty products we sold at a price that varies, some are sold at low prices until there are beauty products on sale at a great price.

Actually, to buy beauty products of this kind are just following the capacity of the bag only, but sometimes there are people who fit with these products and others are not.

If you choose expensive beauty products but not necessarily the taste of the user in the match, wavering and regret will follow you.

In fact, nature has also offered plenty of natural beauty products that can be used as a beauty product, one example is the coconut.

It turns out that coconuts can be used as a beauty product. Coconut can be used for beauty products mainly coconut water.

According to the results of the analysis:

In the coconut water contains:

  • Approximately 91% minerals 
  • 0.3% of protein 
  • 0.15% fat 
  • 7.3% carbohydrate 
  • 1.06%
  • 7.3% ash 
  • Coconut water also contains vitamin C 2.7 mg/100 ml 

Whereas the mineral content of coconut water is composed of:

  • potassium 
  • sodium 
  • calcium 
  • magnesium 
  • copper 
  • iron 
  • and others 

Substances that are contained in the coconut called the VCO or so-called: Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

How does the way we live, to manipulate and to use it to be useful to our lives? 

Here we will elaborate what are the benefits contained in the Palm to use as skin beauty products. 5 benefits of coconut for beauty treatments including:

1. As a natural moisturizer face. 

Coconut water can be used as a natural moisturizing facial. The use of coconut water as a natural moisturizer is a good face for being a skin condition or conditions of oily skin is recommended.

This coconut water moisturizes the skin while reducing the excess oil on the face and the skin so the skin stays healthy.

2. Makes the skin brighter and shinier.

Sometimes the face can look dull in time. This causes a variety of opaque. Dull skin can occur due to lack of nutrition and skin exposed to the Sun can also cause the skin to opaque.

Well, this can of coconut juice brighten the face and helps brighten dull skin.

3. Reduce the ill effects of sunlight.

The effect of sunlight can be reduced by using coconuts as substances containing VCO is great for your face

4. Can be used as a body scrub to nourish the skin, so that the skin does not dry and dull.

Face dull can be eliminated by using coconut as a material that is easily permeated in the pores on your face so that look beautiful and fascinating.

5. It can be used to clean the stain

Stains that made an impression due to the occurrence of pimples on the face.

The stain left on the face of a woman making difficult to eliminate it so using coconut you can reduce the effects because the VCO is great for your face.

Some of the points above are a bit of information can we pass about 5 benefits of coconut for beauty treatments. Thus always to turn coconut water for use in our lives.

I hope the information benefits for you.

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