How To Choose The Right Foundation For Face

The shortage on the face can be disguised by wearing foundation, as the base in make up The Foundation is able to disguise the wrinkles on the face, black spots or acne scars.

But surely it is supported by the existence of a proper selection of the foundation itself. Errors in the selection of foundation on makeup can make you quite impressed scary because it would look like using masks. 

To avoid such a thing, they could not arbitrarily in selecting colors from this foundation. 

In contrast to the lipstick, color selection is usually able to give the impression of beautiful in every detail the color on the lips. For more details refer to the tip right in the foundation were restored for the face here.

This Is The Proper Way Of Choosing The Foundation For Face.

1. Select the Foundation With SPF.

Loaded in a choosing a foundation to the face is select that content of SPF. because the content of SPF on a foundation would be very useful to provide protection of the skin from sun exposure.

2. adjust the Color of the skin.

We recommend that you select the appropriate foundation color with the color of the skin of the face or one level brighter than the original color of the skin of the face. 

Try to apply foundation on your face, after that try to compare it with the skin of the neck, when the difference looks very striking, constitute the foundation of color is still not appropriate or not appropriate.

3. For what purpose the use of The Foundation.

We recommend that before buying foundation, note the use of the foundation's goals first. 

Because it needs the use of a foundation that is different, both for evening makeup, makeup or makeup for the stage. Choose exactly some types of foundation that is natural, radiant, or matte.

4. Pay attention to the type of skin.

It is important to pay attention to the types of facial skin before using this foundation. Choose a foundation that is appropriate to the type of skin, good for the skin oily, dry or sensitive. 

Be careful in choosing a foundation especially for sensitive skin types.

So how to choose the right foundation for your face. So do direct purchase or wear origin. I hope you will get the beauty information.

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