This Is The Proper Way Of Cleaning Equipment Make Up

No doubt we all agree that cleanliness and beauty is the dual of the things that can not be separated.

Reasons to be pretty, surely every woman should also take care of hygiene, especially in this case is to gear the makeup.

Because currently quite a lot of women who think that wearing makeup using a brush or a sponge is considered more efficient than wear a hand.

However, did you know that whole not estimate turned out to be true?

Because, if you don't keep clean makeup brush correctly, surely the makeup brush is going to be a den of germs that can cause problems on the skin.

Therefore, it is recommended to wash the makeup supplies on a regular basis, to be free from problems on the skin. Thus, any materials that can be used to clean equipment makeup properly? Following his review!

The Proper Way Of Cleaning Equipment Makeup

1. Using baby shampoo

It turns out that baby shampoo is also proven effective makeup brushes used to clean. The way is by dissolving baby shampoo with a rate of one teaspoon and enter into the 250 ml of water.

Afterwards, you can soak the makeup brushes for a little over half an hour. Then rinse using clean water, and then drain brush makeup last until completely dry.

2. Use Liquid Bath Soap

One of the ways that you can use to clean equipment makeup properly is to use liquid soap.

Usage is very practical, i.e. by mixing a teaspoon of liquid soap into the 250 ml of water. Then soak in half an hour. And after that, you can rinse using clean water.

3. Use olive oil

Although olive oil does not have the foam as in liquid soap or shampoo, natural ingredients that one also proved effective for the cleaning materials used as the dirt that clings to the makeup brush.

How to work with, you can blend the olive oil as much as one teaspoon, and enter into as many as 250 ml waters, then soak for approximately 30 minutes.

After that, you can rinse using clean water. In addition to the function to clean up the grime on the makeup brush, olive oil is also useful for maintaining the softness of the brush makeup.

4. Use lime juice

Water lemon juice turns out also to be able to remove dirt that is attached to the brush or sponge makeup.

The way is by mixing water juice of lime into a glass of water. Then you soak a brush makeup last waters of lemon juice for approximately 25 minutes. After that, ye rinse using clean water.

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