Traditional Masks To Remove Acne

Want to know how to remove acne using a traditional mask?

The arrival of acne that can eliminate your confidence is indeed extremely disturbing your life, even if it appears in a number of acne.

Surely make feel shy to get together with friends or persons nearest you.

The annoying pimple that will make your face look enticing again will usually give rise to acne scars which is quite annoying as there are holes on the face as well as a black stain that removes beauty as well as the beauty of your face.

So how to solve it?

By using the traditional mask eliminates acne, which will help You to resolve your problem quickly

And does not cause any effects that may harm your face.

Here's an easy way to make traditional masks to remove acne

1. Make masks with Yam bean

Jicama, as beauty turns to powerful medications to get rid of acne scars or eliminate the presence of pimples on the face.

It's easy to peel jicama then grated 1 piece, then you can use the grater as a mask with stick it in your face, let stand until approximately 15-20 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

Do it before you sleep on a regular basis.

2.Tea Dregs for face masks

Make a mask by using the dregs of tea, maybe not many people know if the dregs of tea is also good for Your face care to avoid damaging the beauty of your acne.

Do I simply by attaching the dregs of tea on the skin of your face, let stand a few minutes before you clean with cold water.

3. The benefits of lime juice to get rid of acne

You certainly already know right if lime has benefits good enough for your face?

provide 1 piece of lime that is still fresh and then dividing into 2 parts, rubbing the lemon fruit on your face slowly. After that clear by using clean water.

Well, pretty easy isn't it?

Materials you get will certainly make it easier to treat acne that covers your beauty beauty and soon disappear from your face.

Use the traditional mask eliminates acne powerful troubleshooting your face quickly and safely

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