Troubleshoot Your Acne Tips Based On The Growing Place

Not only disturb the appearance alone, the incidence of acne problems on the face are also often create a sense of uncomfortable because acne is often the cause of pain at the moment.

Many ways that is to get rid of this acne problem, anti acne product usage, care salon and others.

If the problem is acne never lost then we should now try to address the problem of acne tips, when the place of his body, how?

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Troubleshoot Your Acne Tips Based On The Place Of Growth

1. The forehead

If acne appears on the forehead, then try for a little limiting fatty foods pengonsumsian. Because the forehead is closely related to gall bladder or liver organs.

2. In the middle of the brow

Next how to tackle acne problems based on the place of growth if the acne is grown in the central part of the eyebrows then a way to overcome it is to stop the smoking habit, consuming foods that contain lots of fat or sugar and also stop with the ability to consume liquor.

3. The nose

And if this acne problem grows in the nose so how to resolve this acne problem is to reduce the spicy foods, which contain lots of salt and also meat. The consumption of lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts also.

4. The right Cheek

Zit growing on the right cheek can be overcome by doing aerobic exercise and also respiratory exercises in the morning. Avoid megkonsumsi seafood, which contain lots of sugar and junk food also.

5. The left Cheek

The left cheek portion has a connection with the organ, so must add consume fruits such as water melons, cucumbers and other fruit that is still similar.

6. The mouth

To address the problem of pimples that appear on the mouth, then it should reproduce fibrous food intake such as fruit and vegetables and stay away from fried foods and spicy.

That's the way overcoming acne based on the place of growth. If pimples growing on the Chin then we recommend that you try to check hormone levels in the body.

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