Burberry Make Up From United Kingdom

A large United Kingdom origin fashion brand, Burberry, launching a series of cosmetics.

Collection of make up reached more than 100 products consist of skin care, makeup lip and eye makeup.

To launch this Burberry cosmetic products, in collaboration with well-known cosmetics company Inter Parfums SA. A collection of cosmetics brand that is identical to this classic motif, will be sold over 30 stores worldwide.

A collection of cosmetics will offer a new dimension of Burberry, "said Phillippe Benacin, Chairman of Inter Parfums SA.

Burberry is a brand that was developed with motif tartan to be more modern, and not only was applied to clothing but also other accessories like a scarf, wallet and purse.

A lot of The world celebrities such as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson, including star of Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto, known to be very crazy about motif tartan, exodus from Burberry.

Burberry cosmetics company from England to recruit 16 year old Model who is the daughter of actor 44 years of Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost was announced as the new brand Ambassador for fashion house United Kingdom cosmetics line earlier this year, and a star in both a commercial for a luxury label collection "Prime, contour and highlight".

IRIS has shared her image and beauty more new items in various short clips on the story, which takes place in Instagram photo sharing site for 24 hours.

The fashion house also have shared a series of pictures from the photoshoot, as well as behind the scenes footage, starring Iris in their accounts.

New shop Essentials makeup collection is very suitable to be introduced to all the people and products of burberry is great for businesses where glow and Irish law introduces the essential make up for collection.

Where he joined Burberry and follow in the footsteps of model Kate Moss and How Delevingne to represent the company.

Burberry is a famous beauty products and has a quality that no doubt.

Where the performers and many movie stars who love the new product of burberry and the opening of new stores had opened opportunities to lovers of burberry products to introduce their new products to the public.

Burberry cosmetics product is packaged cosmetics for beauty and their appearance so elegant and could trend as artists and movie stars.

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