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Do you know that javanese women's as usual naturally beauty care which is naturally ingredients suitable for your beauty.

Indonesia is the birthplace of many tropical beauty products and beauty secrets. Many of the popular natural treatments for hair, skin, and even medical drugs can be found in various places that has 6,500 plant species.

Some of the beauty treatments in use today is the beauty secrets that are done in the hereditary Royal family's palace walls, applying the ideology that believes that the desire to be beautiful is valid and does not pursue arrogance. Beauty is believed to be not only from external but also internal.

Traditional Javanese Women's Beauty Secrets

Here are a few Beauty Secrets from Java who carried hereditary since the days of the ancient Kingdom of Java.

1. Milk Bath

Milk bath is a bath devoted to beauty done traditionally has been used by Princess Java for centuries as a panacea so youthful. This bath is known for making the skin soft and ward off free radicals.

It is advisable for you to soak in milk for at least 20 minutes then rinse after soaking. For a more intense treatment, buttermilk or yogurt can also be used. But most women don't like the smell remaining on the skin.

2. The bath wraps

Bath wraps are the traditional treatments carried out in public much beauty salon and spa in Indonesia. This treatment has also been practiced in the palaces of Java since the 17th century.

This process involves peeling the skin and body polishing that makes skin soft, supple and shiny (body scrub is the Java language for "layers of skin").

The process of exfoliation and massage involves a paste consisting of herbs and other ingredients (including saffron, appointment buffoonery, sandalwood, jasmine oil and rice flour) that have been soaked in water and mixed in different types of shrubs certain.

Kaempferia galanga is sometimes mixed in to provide a warming effect.

This pasta can also be purchased in packages that can be created quickly with warm water. The paste is then pain to the whole body and left to dry for 20 to 30 minutes. After the pasta has been dry, then wipe to complete the process of exfoliation. The rest of the pasta then washed or rinsed with plain baths.

3. Bali Boreh

This treatment is used both as prevention and treatment of disease. Because the whole body warming sensation on this treatment is recommended for the treatment of headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, and fever. This treatment made from a concoction of spices which is an old recipe for centuries.

Sandalwood, clove, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, nutmeg, flour and rice formed into a paste with water galangal or spice fragrance. This paste is then applied to the body to produce a warming sensation. Then let the body for five to ten minutes and then scrub to finish the peeling process.

Grated carrots or other natural moisturizer then smeared onto the skin to replenish moisture to the skin. The remains of the treatment can then be rinsed with plain baths.

Traditional Javanese Women's Beauty Secrets

4. Flower Shower

This treatment is often regarded as the pinnacle of tourist visits foreign countries in Indonesia. A bathtub of warm water prepared with the petals of jasmine, gardenia, hibiscus, magnolia, and bougainvillea. Flower petals are selected not only for a given scent but also for the rich colors.

Usually showering flowers is not offered as a treatment, but as the final outcome for the session. It is used for the cleansing and relaxation experience enjoy an additional 20 minutes.

5. Java Wraps

Java Wraps have been used by Javanese women for centuries as a means to streamline the Agency especially for a woman after childbirth. It is still commonly used today and performed for 40 days after giving birth to cleanse the stomach post birth.

It is estimated that this treatment is capable of removing bacteria from the body and helps the lymphatic system and meremajakannya. It also helped in the cleanup and recovery of the body.

The mix of white wood, stone or crushed Coral Sea, lime juice, betel leaf, and oil mixed together into a paste and then smeared on the abdominal area. Now some companies have Herbalism post-birth package, which contains a number of pastas as well as the pills are used for a period of 40 days after giving birth.

6. Traditional Massage

Traditional massage Indonesia usually use coconut oil and tropical flowers to provide a light scent. Sometimes a light oil used in some spa. This oil works in the body to relieve tension.

7. Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is one of the most popular treatments in Indonesia. Through the aromatherapy massage, the active ingredients of essential oils are blended with aromatherapy oils that is applied topically to the skin allows you to feel the relaxing effect the central nervous system.

Some oils contain medicinal properties that can have an effect on organs that suffer from certain diseases.

8. Herbal Medicine

Preparing and drinking traditional medicine in Indonesia called "Jamu" has been unbelievable for a thousand years as a Hindu Kingdom period middle of tradition-Java.

This is evident by the presence of Madhawapura from Majapahit inscriptions mention the profession to make herbal medicine.

These herbs taken from parts plants in Indonesia such as the roots, leaves, fruit, flowers and bark. Then, the formula used by the ancestors of the nation of Indonesia to maintain health and beauty.

Previously, this formula is only limited to the people who lived in the Palace as a secret and exclusive recipes. But, now it is widely known in Indonesia with a variety of benefits
as to treat acne, reduce menstrual pain, fatigue, address the problem of body odor to treat minor illnesses to chronic diseases without side effects.

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