How To Effectively Remove The Black Flecks On The Face

The incidence of black flecks on the face can be used by a few things like the age factor because the use of cosmetics and often exposed to the rays of the sun. It will of course very disturbing appearance. To help dissipate the black flecks you can follow some of this tips down.

How to remove black spots on the face using natural ingredients:

1. Cucumber.

The content of cucumber is useful also to address the issue of black spots on the face. Prepare cucumbers, then puree in a way in the grate. After that apply on the face evenly. Let sit for 20 minutes and then rinse using clean water.

2. Bengkoang.

Efficacy bengkoang ( the known name is Jicama, the mexican yam bean) has indeed proven effective to address black flecks on the face. To use, simply smoothing bengkoang, then wear it as a facial mask, wait for approximately 20 minutes and after that rinse until clean.

3. Papaya.

The enzyme papain is contained in the papaya fruit turns out to be quite effective to help cope with black flecks of black in the face. Papaya fruit puree, way, and lemon juice taste the water and apply on the face evenly.

4. Aloe Vera.

To eliminate the black flecks on the face, you can use aloe vera a gel. It is very easy to use because you can simply rub aloe vera gel on the area of the face. Let sit until it dries then rinse until clean.

5. The skin of the watermelon.

It turns out that part of the skin of the watermelon is also effective to eliminate the problem of black flecks on the face. How to puree the watermelon skin and use it as a facial mask. Leave it until it dries first then rinse the water.

6. Lemon.

One effective way to eliminate black flecks on the face naturally is by utilizing the lemon. Enough with the squeeze of the lemon to the water out, then dip the cotton swab in the lemon water. Sweep on the face, let sit a while and after that wash with clean water.

So the last few natural ingredients that can be used to remove black spots on the face. The course this way you can easily do at home.

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