Some Of The Causes Of Dark Circle Around The Eyes

The dark circles around the eyes or commonly referred to as the panda, it is a condition that is almost experienced by most of the women. A result of this, the panda eye's will certainly have an impact on the issue this black circle comes on the eye area?

Let's check out the explanation more details below.

Here's some of the causes of the dark circles around the eyes:

1. Less Rest.

For those of you often spent the night to continue to perform the activity or staying up, no doubt will quickly experience the problem of panda. Less break will make tired eyes condition grew tired, and if they continue then this will aggravate now, rest with enough so that this problem can diminish dark circles.

2. The Problem of Pigment in Skin

The next factor is the cause of dark circle in the eye area is due to the influence of excess pigment colors or substance at the under the eyes and around the eyes. It can be said to be reasonable because it does not enter into the issue or health disorders.

3. Free Tactical

Bad influence of free radicals not only gives the effect of less good for the skin but on the part of the eye area can also be affected. Free radicals from of sun exposure is also one of the causes of the problem of the black circle in the eye area. So it makes the eyes look dull, wrinkled and also makes the skin in the eye area turns into darker.

4. Disturbance on the health

Not only because of the bad influence of the environment, it turns out that a trigger can also be the panda eyes problem caused by the existence of health disorders of the body. At the time when the body is stricken by disease such as a disease that attacks on thyroid, or kidney organ effect will make the area under eyes became black and contains.

Besides the age factor is also known as the exact cause of the occurrence of a circle in the eye area. I hope the tips will help you.

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