How To Whiten The Crotch Naturally

The blackened crotch indeed tends to be experienced by many women around the world, and this is a complaint that often makes confidence declined.

There are several factors the causes why the area around the groin become black including the presence of dead skin cells that accumulate, often wearing tight pants, hormones that are less stable and much more to other causes.

And if you are confused over the years looking for a safe way to whiten the crotch area, then exactly once if you follow the information about tips to whiten the crotch area is naturally the following four natural ingredients to whiten Crotch black

1. Use Lemon.

To help whiten the crotch black then you can use the lemon to get over it.
How to prepare: one fresh lemon fruit then cut in two parts.

After that rubbing, the lemon pieces in the groin after a depleted bath rubs gently for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

2. Wear of turmeric powder.

How else can you do to whiten the crotch area is by using turmeric powder.

Do I provide 2 tablespoons turmeric powder and then add a little water and stir until the shape of pasta.

Add more with 1 tablespoon lemon juice and dab the crotch. Let sit for 30 minutes then rinse.

3. Using a cucumber.

How to whiten and crotch areas naturally are by making use of the cucumber.

The trick is very simple, namely by setting up a cucumber, then puree with a blender.

Add a little honey and stir equally. After that you can put on the crotch area is black with the cucumber and allow the dough to dry for 30 minutes, then be in the wash.

4. Wear a Whiting.

Also, make use of natural materials such as whiting to help whiten the crotch part black.

Afterwards, rinse with clean warm water.

Take to taste whiting then mix the water with the juice of a lime, mix well. Sweep evenly on the crotch and allow it to dry out.

Most groins are caused by the use of black panties and crotch scratching habits where if there is mold, it will result in the groin become black.

In addition, using the panties that are rarely replaced also causes groin become black, try a day replacing panties twice a day if your crotch became moist and sweaty.

Hopefully, this information helps you.

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